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Marit Mihklepp is exploring the processes of movement and writing, imagination and everyday, absurd and sincerity. She likes to move and think with (in/on/under) the body (city/objects/microbes). She is interested in making space, instead of taking space.

During MA studies in ArtScience Interfaculty she started researching the human body, language and behavior in connection to other (non)life forms. Rather than bombarding the audience with as much as possible, she is interested in the interrupting pause, minimal humor found in everyday interventions, and choreographing the subtlety of these spheres.

Mihklepp’s mediums are mixtures of open experiments, growing forms and classical methods: performative lectures, books in a matchbox, writings on the human body, photo albums with the microbes, perfume collections of human odor, interviews with chairs. Her works have taken the artist (and her bacteria) to European Space Agency, Waag Society and Mediamatic.

Marit Mihklepp was born in Tallinn, Estonia and is currently living and working in The Hague, Netherlands.

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