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Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian-born artist, currently based in NL. Her works are exploring and practicing ways of togetherness with the less noticed – too far, too small, too slow – in forms of instructed experiences, performative lectures, microbial perfumes, video pieces and listening exercises. Marit’s current work is focussed on the geologic imagination and encounters with stones, and her latest exhibitions include ‘Point of No Return. Attunement of Attention’, curated by Saskia Lillepuu and Ann Mirjam Vaikla (2021: Narva Art Residency, EE), ‘Changing Landscapes’, curated by Yasmine Ostendorf and Gabriela Maciel (2021: online), Open Studios (2019: Est-Nord-Est résidence d’artistes, CA). She is part of Haagse Kunstenaars (Stroom Den Haag), and is currently a research fellow at ‘Otherwise 2021: Polymorphic Futures’ and participant in Pre/Doc programme ‘Transforming Environments’.