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Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian artist based in the Netherlands where she graduated from interdisciplinary ArtScience MA program in The Hague. Her works are exploring the existing and speculative communication systems between humans and other-than-humans, often using instructions and objects to be activated by the audience. She is interested how collaborative practices with stones, bacteria, everyday objects open spaces for alternative understandings of human life, less based on possession and power. Mihklepp’s works have taken the form of performative lectures, participatory experiences, drawings on human skin, microbial perfume collections, publications in the matchbox. Lately, she has exhibited pieces investigating the differences of time perception between human and stone bodies. Her latest exhibitions include “Artefact 2019: Parallel Crossings” (STUK, BE), OTHERWISE festival-as-research (Gessnerallee Zürich, CH), WILD/METSIK (Piirimäe Farm, EE), “Performance Objects Bodies” (TETEM and Quartair, NL). Mihklepp is part of Haagse Kunstenaars (Stroom Den Haag).