Tree Reader

Inspired by the earliest entirely mechanic recording devices and gramophones, a simple paper cone is used to amplify the sound of the textures of the tree barks. When turned the other way around, the cone works as an intensifier for the eye. This video was made during the residency in MoKS artist-run project space, in May 2018, for the exhibition and symposium WILD in July 2018, curated by Evelyn and John Grzinich.

Wild is a frame for self-reflection, from understanding one’s thinking and behavioral habits to discovering new roles in forms of social and cultural engagement. Wild is an exercise in observing the subtle transition zones between human activity and plant and animal habitats, from spaces of civilized management to the wilding areas of abandonment, ruins and forgotten cultivation slowly fading into the ever evolving perma-forest of life. (Evelyn and John Grzinich)

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