residency at MoKS, 3-16.05.2018

Two week residency at MoKS, located in a village called Mooste (in Estonia). I will be busy with preparing something special for the showing in July 2018, working around and under the topic “metsik” (“wild”), proposed by artists/curators John and Evelyn Grzinich:

METSIK (WILD) draws attention to the notion of wild as metaphor for biodiversity, perceptual awareness and the need for experimenting with open ended non-standardized territories. Wild is not only a term we use to designate the physical space of wilderness, but also a platform for understanding mental and cultural perceptions of natural processes. Wild aims to open up discussions and dispute underlying assumptions regarding objectification, commodification, and normalization of living entities within complex ecological systems. Wild is a frame for self-reflection about ones influence on the processes we aspire to control. Wild is an exercise in observing the subtle transition zones between human activity and plant and animal habitats, from spaces of civilized control to the wilding areas of abandonment, ruins and forgotten cultivation slowly fading into the ever evolving perma-forest of life.”



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