The Longest Movie Ever Made



Although tree rings and ice cores yield tales of ancient pollen, glaciation, and aerial chemistry, stone’s archival force endures far longer. Carbon dating and magnetic readings reveal the passing of epochs. A museum of oddities and a relentless clock inhere in strata, dense layers in which the Anthropocene is a sliver. From a longer point of view we are living during a vaster period, the Lithocene.

– Jeffrey Cohen, Stone, An Ecology of Inhuman


How could a human being enter the time of the stone? Stone possesses billions of years of knowledge, has recorded the very first breaths of life, holds the memories of both mundane and divine. This endless turning of the stone is a human attempt to find an entrance to the stone age, to the immediate contact with the environment, to the making of the tools of survival. Hopefully it rather creates space than takes space and gives the audience members a moment for their very own reflection.


2017, endlessly looping video

Venues: Quartair (The Hague, NL), Tetem (Enschede, NL)



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