On Becoming a Fossil (conversations with matter)

We live 100 years, but suppose we lived a billion years. A stone would be just a moment in which some sand gets together and then it disaggregates. So it’s just a momentary getting-together of sand.

– Carlo Rovelli

“On Becoming a Fossil (conversations with matter)” wishes to highlight the space of potential in time scales beyond human. This piece is driven by curiosity of experimenting with and finding ways of co-existence between humans and non-humans, or stones and non-stones. It invites the audience to bodily and/or imaginatively experience the shared choreographies and sensory histories between more and less alive bodies. Or one could use this piece as an excuse out of the fast-paced constant social interactions with other human beings.

2017; printed instruction cards, stones from Salzach river

Venues: Quartair (The Hague, NL), Tetem (Enschede, NL)

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