‘On Becoming a Fossil (conversations with matter)’ is the second piece growing out from the first conversations with stones during my residency in Salzburger Kunstverein. I wanted to highlight the space of potential in time scales beyond human and was driven by curiosity of experimenting with and finding ways of co-existence between humans and non-humans, or stones and non-stones. This piece is a subtle invitation into the geologic time through the tactile investigation and poetic instructions, giving the audience space to bodily and/or imaginatively experience the shared choreographies between more and less alive bodies.

‘On Becoming a Fossil (conversations with matter)’ was shown together with ‘The Longest Movie Ever Made’ in an exhibition ‘Performance Objects Bodies’ curated by Matteo Marangoni (iii) in Quartair (The Hague, NL: 15.09-07.10.2017) and in TETEM (Enschede, NL: 16.11.2017-28.01.2018).