WALK, in collaboration with Edgars Rubenis

Exhibition “WALK” in Valga Museum from 17th of February until 10th of March 2018.

This project is an outcome of a collaborative residency together with Latvian composer/musician Edgars Rubenis. Two weeks were spent in the small town halved by the border of Latvia and Estonia.

Exhibition works grew out from a performative intervention carried out on the border on the 14th of August, 2017. The performance involved a six hour walking of the border line, that was interspersed with percussive activations of the border posts. In the course of the intervention the border was approached as a (musical) score.

The title of the exhibition – “WALK” – was adopted in order to make a connection with “existence of life throughout the times” that has been an ongoing process in the area occupied by the two cities. Valka/Valga’s original German given name Walk serves as an anchor in “the other end of history” for this linking. “WALK” also is a direct reference to the actual walking that constituted the performance – a kind of primordial act of moving through and being with a landscape.

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