BAU residency with Áron Birtalan

Week-long residency in Amsterdam, BAU Dance & Performance space, 2017 January.

(notes from Áron and Marit, video from Áron)

Day 3: attention. When I move towards you, I also move towards myself. The thing is moving towards the attention, even when you don’t see it yet.

Day 4: attention is to be with. It smoothly changes borders, from being a noun to being different verbs.

Day 5: memories after slow moving. Memories come as images. How the trees look from the car window when they pass by in the evening from Sangaste to Tallinn, I am jumping from one tree top to the other. Áron remembers when his ankle touches the metal – the colour white in Technicolor movies, especially how it is in the 70s movie “Fiddler on the Roof”, came in.

Notes after falling from the chair: different substances in motion – soft body, heavy floor. Afterwards didn’t feel like moving, nor felt human.

Áron Birtalan is a Hungarian artist and musician, working with games, rituals, transformation and playing. His wonderful research and works:



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