Space(s) Between Us (working title)

I don’t think from words at all, actually. I got inspiration by reading interesting books, which open up thinking spaces. While reading Lynn Margulis, for instance. That opened up such a world, but it’s not really about the words, it opens up new perspectives, ways of seeing things. I don’t think with words so much in my work. Like now, I need to feel the weight of the body and materials. So I work more on the senses, the other senses.

– Cocky Eek

Project-in-process on a publication for raising awareness of the invisible community, the microbiome, which is a vitally important part of us and our identity. A parallel process is manifesting another invisible space, the connection that happens between people conversing, in a physical form. I have been conducting five interviews so far: with three artists, with a microbiologist and with a biohacker/bioengineer. Records of the meeting space have been kept – collections of breaths, bacteria and invisible communication. Those microbial portraits will be presented in the publication as well.



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