conversations with objects

a_18 b_3 b_19 c_21 d_25 e_29 e_37 conversations with objects_1

Often she found herself sitting and looking, sitting and looking, with her work in her hands until she became the thing she looked at – that light for example.

– Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

An instructional score for the ordinary objects and the audience members.

Conversations with objects is a work that tries to slow down the time and give voice to ordinary objects around us. It is a study on hybrid languages, movement and text driven by interest in leaving traces/memories and highlighting the moment of presence.

Inspired by archaeology and Latourian assemblies of things and people, this piece triggers individual choreographies, an unexpected dialogue with the things we all know and a possibility to become aware of the secret lives of cups, forks, matchboxes, toilet paper rolls. It leaves the audience the space to imagine and listen to the invisible biographies of everyday objects.

_ 2015; everyday objects, instructional audio score

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