Hands On, Heads Out

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The hand is the visible part of the brain. 

– Immanuel Kant


In our days more and more young artists fall under the spell of (over)thinking and getting stuck in their heads, and I am no exception. The cure seems to be simply doing things, taking a hands-on approach to the art. I started to reflect on my practice of (hand)writing and exploring the possibility of my brain being the extension of my hands, instead of the other way around.

Hands On, Heads Out is a video, where fixed time and choreography meet the living body. audience is invited to gather around a common office work set-up: a table, a chair, a person busy with her hands. The work starts to work after a while, hopefully becoming a celebration of minimal movements, body labour and accidental poetry.



2014; mixed media: video installation, writings on fingers, choreographed performance



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