one cell, million answers

A beautiful unicellular organism named Physarum polycephalum (also known as the slime mould) is a talented urban planner and a magician of networks. It has grown an effective Tokyo train network in one day (people planned and built it for 50 years); it can solve mazes using not a brain, but external memory; it is a model organism to build biocomputers and maybe understand the behavior of cancer cells.

This work is a model of communication between a human and a unicellular mind. a conversation on Petri dishes, where the urban planning of The Hague, the music of Arvo Pärt, the symmetry in Palladio’s La Rotonda and slime mould ways of mapping the sky were discussed. I wanted to explore the communication network of the slime mould and go into the pace of this wonderful creature, which is not an animal, a plant or a fungus. Thanks to the slime mould I could question the anthropocentric view on things.

_ 2014; agar medium on a Petri dish, slime mould, printed paper, oat flakes, time

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